The Look.

In this era of the entertainment industry, the topic of having "it" and people wanting to help someone with a brand and product push because of the "it" they have is always hovering. I am a musician. I am a musician with some singing capabilities. I am an Asian-American. I am a mixed race Asian-American.... Continue Reading →



In the fervor of being a creator and monetizing talents, the talks of branding and content are filled with how to reach more people and bring in more audience. I have to be honest: I have always hated this kind of talk. I am not afraid of the topic. I am not afraid of the... Continue Reading →

Coincidences and Signs.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm sick of... coincidences and signs. Coincidences. Signs. They happen often and in a bombarding fashion. All in a day. All surrounding a word, a name, a topic, a concept, a person... least in my mind. It all makes sense in my mind. It all resonates, reverberates, echoes, haunts. It... Continue Reading →

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