The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior.

Tonight, I learned a(nother) very big lesson about doing something bold and out of character. I sent a compliment that was disrespectful in a lustful way to a young woman friend of mine that I have never thought of her that way before, or really any of my female friends ever. With this particular friend,... Continue Reading →

5 -Year Old Me Meets 30-Year Old Me And Sigh And Cry Together/I Watched The New “Beauty And The Beast”.

[Light spoilers ahead - references to new version enhancements, no details.] I have never cried watching a movie as much as I did tonight. I'm not sure if my older brother and younger sister have ever cried that much watching a movie either. I was 5 years old when the original animated Disney "Beauty And... Continue Reading →

Spiritual. Honorable. Tradition. Judgement.

In different cultures, there are different traditions. If those traditions are abided by, there is an honor that you continue to carry with your name and legacy thereafter. I have been in and out of various spiritual stages in my life but always spiritual to some extent. My religious beliefs have always been less about... Continue Reading →

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