Amongst All The Madness.

Like a strand in a knotted ball of yarn, frayed at the ends but still relatively taut in intertwined uniformity, we go around this life amongst all the madness.

There was never a moment where any of our lives would easily be represented as a straight line. It seems we always have to paradoxically learn that “perfection” comes as a consequence of an “imperfect” path… and even then, the result isn’t what we thought. Still, we persist in our passions through a gauntlet of situations and moments of energy loss because we all have a desire to fulfill ourselves in a place in this world amongst all the madness.

As of the date that I’m typing this, 4 planets are retrograde, but that doesn’t mean much as far as anything new for us to understand. It is merely a reminder, pseudoscientific to some and taken to heart by others, that we must remember to understand we are all vessels on our own paths trying in our own ways. As odd as it seems in words, there is monotony in the chaos but there is something awesome in the stillness amongst all the madness.

People constantly bumping into other people, accidental or intentional, but then leaving elsewhere again. Amazingly enough, there is some consistency in our lives with certain people – our closest family and friends. As we have grown with them over time and see them often enough, or even all the time, these people remind us of who we really are. They bring out the best in us and these moments usually happen when we’re not trying to go with flow of chaos. We connect with these individuals and no longer are we rushing. We pause or we are already at a place and pace of the moment with nothing to look forward to of expectation except for the next smile or laugh or maybe moment of vulnerability. This is us, right here, reminding each other that we know we are human and not machines stuck on certain levels of insensitivity just to get through the day. We must value the pause to learn that with so much energy loss in trying, we need to recharge where we can just be our true relaxed self for even a few minutes amongst all the madness.

I appreciate the idea of living in the moment but I do not forget the past. I try to keep close to my mind and heart the moments in my past where I was the best versions of myself. Low anxiety, high mood, laughing, smiling, dancing. Those moments may have felt like they only lasted minutes in my memory but they are so vivid when I reflect on them. Some moments may have actually been minutes long, but their strength should be enough to remind me that the small things in the joy of our stillness is much more appreciated in the long run over the exponential rush of vapid interactions like business transactions amongst all the madness.

A single strand of yarn amongst billions… yes, I get lost in the tangle sometimes.

I relearn myself, sometimes by myself and sometimes with others, in a stillness I/we make amongst all the madness.


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