Quick Post: 2 Things.

Just a few things that today had compelled me to type about.

  1. When I see or read others are struggling with their mental health, I am so ready to do whatever I can to help them out. I cannot stand by idly and see/read them crying out for help in their own way and I do nothing. The thing I really want to be is… there. Right there with them, creating a connection, physically, grounding them. I do not like to see people suffering over this. I know personally how painful it can be. I feel their pain even through just text. I really want to be there. I feel a bit helpless when reading or seeing others go through it. I feel like it has become one of my purposes in life to be a better nurturing person than most others… especially loved ones. That really kills me to see loved ones going through tough times.
  2. On a different location of the spectrum, I get so pissed off when I hear friends and loved ones involved in domestic abuse being a victim or an abuser. Again, I want to be there for those suffering so bad and all it takes is some form of communication to me and I will do what I can. If it is discovered I know any abusers, I get so pissed off but still maintain my composure if I see them again. Of course it’s going to come up and I am going to wonder what the hell happened. I hate domestic abuse so much. I have seen it personally many times with many family members and some friends. The traumatizing feeling when I was younger has left a sensitive spot to anger against abusers and I just cannot feel indifferent anymore to those situations. Even watching it in movies is not a great feeling (I don’t like watching “What’s Love Got To Do With It”).

I don’t understand how people can be so enraged, indifferent, numb, heartless as to let people in pain stay in pain or induce pain on others like that. For me to have been shown so much pain in my lifetime, it’s no wonder I have subscribed to love as an ultimate goal since I was in my teens.

I feel like it’s a spiritual frustration for me that I haven’t been able to be there for the certain people when they needed it. Then again, they didn’t really say anything until later. I want them to know that I can be trusted with confidence about anything like these situations and that I will absolutely do everything I can to be there for them.

There is no such thing as being “too willing” to help others when they are in a painful situation.

I am willing.


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