“I Think I Dreamed You Into Life.”

I was 13 years old when this song came out. I was right in the ascension of feeling all the amorous feelings of puberty.

This line: “I think I dreamed you into life”

There was a period after that song came out that I would think about that concept.

“What if I went to sleep and dreamed of this girl I thought up and somehow I found her when I was awake?”

This was years before I began to learn of and understand the law of attraction and manifestation… and that’s interesting in itself to come back to that idea when I was more mature.

Anyways. I would be actively able to dream up a girl who visually never existed but had bits and pieces of realistic personality traits, positive and negative. I thought that if she was close to realistic, she could possibly exist. I was a hopeful teenager succumbing to the power of hormones!

It would be nice to have some of that hopefulness again. The sobering reality of the complexities of adults trying to find love can be overwhelming with the ideals of the unknown. Trusting fate and timing and serendipity is actually a bit more difficult as an adult because of the fickle thoughts induced by fears we have collected growing up. People grow picky and deny their own feelings or reject possibilities (I have been there and I’ve realized it’s rude of myself to be so limiting) yet they believe they understand and practice unconditional love.

For that reason, dreaming up a girl when I was 13 wasn’t as difficult.

Did I ever find the girl (or possibly girls with that overactive imagination) I dreamed up?
Well, I did find a girl who had a similar look I imagined but she didn’t have the personality.
I definitely always found the personality but they never looked like the girls visually… and that’s fine because the personality is what I was really looking for. Of course, my preference in personality is such a common want that it was and still is to easy to find them and I’m always feeling like I’m in a competition with the many guys trying to win their heart.

I gotta admit: I don’t really like the competition. I don’t think any guys really like to have to compete. It’s not a trophy or accolades we’re after, it’s a connection. It’s a GENUINE connection we’re looking for. Once it gets to competition mode, we start doing extra things that don’t necessarily reflect the level of connection we’re looking for. Rather, we’re showing off our special use plumage just as a sign to try to intimidate other guys.

I would love to go back to the youthful innocence and hopefulness of falling in love instead of this dog-eat-dog world of competitive wooing.

Maybe that’s why we learn to hold on to ideas of fate, serendipity, and timing. Maybe that’s why Disney love movies are so beloved. Maybe we remember our dreams in our youth because we realize that we kind of f***ed ourselves up growing up into fears.

We don’t want to associate fear with the act of falling in love. We know this now.

As the lovely song from Cinderella states, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”.

I would love to dream like I did back then.

Maybe now with the wisdom of manifestation I really could dream you (whoever she is) into life.

So with that – sweet dreams to you, dear reader.



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