It’s a little more than just touching in the physical.
Skin-to-skin happens but it only covers up the reality
with endorphin and oxytocin releases.
What’s really there?
Or at least what should be?
Is the thing that cannot be seen,
only felt.
It is not the touching of skin
but rather the touching of souls.
Their eyes want it to be known
that they want you to be known.
Non-biblical, mind you
but rather your mind.
Dreams pushed,
fears diffused,
energy combined.
Everybody else won’t see
what you both feel.
The greatest connection in the world
is the biggest secret you’ll ever have
and share with one other person.
The world will know eventually
but they are going to have realize
gradually and not on their terms.
It’s beyond “https://”
how secure the connection would be.

And this is how I test re-connecting WordPress to Facebook =D


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