Spiritual. Honorable. Tradition. Judgement.

In different cultures, there are different traditions.

If those traditions are abided by, there is an honor that you continue to carry with your name and legacy thereafter.

I have been in and out of various spiritual stages in my life but always spiritual to some extent. My religious beliefs have always been less about religion but the traditional, honorable, and virtuous values of the texts have always sustained as something to remember.

I love being honorable about whatever I’m doing. I have found it easier to be honest rather than to be dishonest and maintain even a “white lie”. I will always ask permission from the rightful overseer to associate with whatever it is. I will never take or assume.

There are a couple of traditions that I have combined as an idea that I want to pursue for spiritual guidance and maintaining a clear conscience and karma. I am going to omit any hint or detail as to what they are because…

A) It’s personal.
B) I don’t want a disruption when I pursue it.
C) (And I unfortunately cannot make anyone understand the spiritual and traditional importance) It can easily be misunderstood, weird, maybe even creepy.

For those who just read that and have imagined something illegal – no, it definitely isn’t illegal. It is a virtuous idea in all of the major religions and belief systems. Bible, Quran, etc. It’s only misunderstood, weird, maybe even creepy because of certain situation-specific details in my case.

You know those certain things that are considered “cute” or “sweet” as a child or teenager but somehow lose innocence and purity when it’s done as an adult? It’s kind of that dilemma… or maybe I am being paranoid and people do this all of the time and I just don’t see it?

I am going to try to pursue this spiritual tradition and stay honorable in my pursuits. This tradition will be from a spiritual tradition that my dad and other family members continue to do for lesser moments. Not “valueless”, but just not this involved with other circumstances.

I have to say, what I’m thinking of my case is amazingly considerate but still, from an outside point of view, might look strange. It’s a scary line to walk when your beliefs and ideals might be seen as strange and damning going forward.

When I do this, my spirituality will be in tact. My conscience will be clear. My karma will be favorable. I think more importantly, closely associated with my spirituality, I will feel complete that I have learned one of the truest lessons of faith and letting go.

I hope no one sees me… but more than that, I hope someone who understands sees me.
I hope I don’t have to explain myself… but more than that, I hope someone doesn’t need an explanation.
I hope this relieves the burden of me holding onto a few questions… but more than that, I hope this helps me realize I have and know my own answers for my own peace.

Please, don’t judge me should the truth be known before I reveal it, IF I choose to reveal it, personally.


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