I’ve Been Here Before.

I’ve been here before.

Have I learned from before? Maybe typing this blog post will give me pause enough to think about what I’m doing now. I’ll reference a memory of a version of me from the recent past that would have never thought of doing the things I’ve been doing.

What is brave? Expressing thy unfettered self. Acting uninhibited. Acting boldly in the face of an adverse reaction, pulling sword from sheath, looking the dragon in the eyes saying, “I do not fear you nor what you could do to me… because I must defeat you and I cannot defeat what I fear.”

To overcome a fear is a massive feeling of liberation…
…but with great relief, a healthy dose of moderation and perspective should be kept.

Arrogance can come in and put blinders on the eyes of humility.

I’ve been here before… but have I learned enough to continue to see with wisdom or will I succumb to indulging in temptation because I do not understand something new I have yet to learn?

I’ve been here before.

Step forward firm but cautioned.


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