Surprise Me.

As this roller-coaster ride of a year comes to an end in the next 32 hours, I was planning on typing a blog post about my 2016 in retrospect.

Never mind that.

I am deciding, at least for now, to not forget 2016 necessarily but to not go back through it and re-feel it all in my writing. I have all the blogs of this year to re-read later and so can you. Maybe I’ll come back to 2016 if something later on was due to something I did this year… but for now, I shall look forward to possibility.

There was a phrase I started expressing this year, initially as a Facebook cover/Twitter header, then I started using it as a sort of hope or intention as I felt I was doing something that could become something.

As I’m doing something for the first time: “Surprise me.”
As I’m taking initiative and making a move: “Surprise me.”As I’m getting ready to go to some social or high-attendance event: “Surprise me.”

Well as 2016 rolled on towards the end of the year, there were qute a few surprises. Some were small but beautiful in a big way, while others were big and unwanted… by the majority of the people who voted.

In between those are possibilities to be expanded on.

Surprise me, 2017.

Why do I ask of the abstract of time to surprise me?

I already know the things I am going to do when I’m doing them because… duh… I’m me. Where the surprise comes in is always in the reaction to my actions. I cannot control how the universe, situations, people respond to what I put out there. I cannot expect that everything will turn out as I intended. I will just have my intentions through my words and actions put out there and then… surprise! Or maybe nothing.

Who knows? I don’t. So… surprise!

That last paragraph seems so cliché but there is a freeing truth to it. Limiting my understanding of a possibility only to the ideal expectation allows only for disappointment if the situation does not have that one outcome.

If 2016 had an overall lesson for me personally, it would be expectation is dangerous and disillusionment is humbling… and a life-changer.

So for 2017 – surprise me!

Surprise me with a harvest season for any seeds I have sown in the past that I may have nourished since then and are ready to reap the rewards.
Surprise me with things I may have forgotten that remember me and would like to continue on a path with new wisdom since our last parting.
Surprise me with people and experiences that will become pieces of me going forward.
Surprise me with opportunities that will come from people who have heard of me or experienced me in my various elements.
Surprise me with inspirations and motivations that once again will have me going outside of my confort zone because I know the reward is much greater.
Surprise me with more life and love…

…for I know what I am going to do. I don’t know what will become of it.

Surprise me.


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