Full Moon. Supermoon.


There’s just something about a full moon.
We know the period length between full moons. The cycle is even displayed on most in-depth weather apps on smartphones.

Tonight’s full moon is considered a “supermoon” because it’s the closest it’ll be to the Earth in its orbit (perigee).

Let me tell you something…

I can feel that it’s a full moon out even if I have lost count of the cycle. There is an energy I feel every time that is very much like a burn inside, ready to go and… do… something.

“Could it be a coincidence?”

Okay, maybe there is something I do on days that coincide with the full moon that, for some reason, has me feeling energized for the night.

I type that with heavy sarcasm because I have no regimens like that. Even if I did, well wouldn’t that actually help my case as whatever it is would be synchronized with the moon cycle?

Either way, I really feel some kind of energy, or power, that needs to be harnessed and focused into productivity.

It’s easy to think music but this is not necessarily that kind of energy. It’s not necessarily a creative energy. It’s more of a physical energy.

It’s that energy of wanting to go for a run and jump off of things.

Maybe it’s because I went ice skating yesterday for 4 hours and my body is experiencing some kind of endorphin addiction.

Still, at night is when I feel it most.

I don’t know exactly what this is but I love it!

A bit frustrating as I don’t know what to do with it right now but it feels good.

What. Is. This.

It’s just the moon being lit up… but it…

Burns. So. Good.


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