A Letter To The Girl/Woman Who Is Always Trying To Find… Something More.

To the amazing soul on an epic journey –

How are you feeling today? No less than the usual curious, motivated, and inspired I hope. You may seem a little burned out on some days but you still have some spark in you. Your fire is never quite extinguished and I applaud you on your strength and persistence. You are a female in a world with a legacy of being dominated as a patriarchy… but now here you are standing up every day, making your mark on this world little by little and nobody can stop you. I hope nobody tries to stop you – for their sake. With what you have shown so far, I grimace at the thought of what would happen to the poor soul who tries to stop you in your growth and expansion.

You have acquired skills and talents that not everybody has. You have not been dissuaded from utilizing those skills and talents. You have a lot of people rooting for you. Myself included.

Before all of that, you were still expressing your want to find who you were though in a less publicly announced voice, but you were still heard. You were heard just enough to get a great start on a snowball effect that you continue to reap the benefits from… and the snowball is still growing.

You’re still rolling that thing and it’s now at a point where it’s blazing a trail so noticeable that there is no way that you can’t be considered succesful in going the way you wanted.

You may not see it but the trail you are blazing has garnered you the full spectrum of attention. Perhaps you do know it but you choose not to let those certain unwanted attentions affect you anymore. I reiterate – I applaud your strength.

You are too busy to stop and look back while you are looking ahead. You have momentum, and I applaud that too; that you are aware of everything going for you and do not take it for granted.

There have been many versions of you and each succeeding version changing faster than the previous one. You are to the unknowing curious spectators a chameleon and they can only describe you in your current state in that moment but not recognize your greatness in the moments afterward nor understand your greatness from before. That is not something you feel compelled to address, nor should you.

You are going somewhere. You know there is always something more beyond where you are now. Life can only get better with more experience, right?

Wherever you are going, I hope you do find that it was worth it.

I hope by the end of your journey that you are no more colder, guarded, closed than now… which is already not much at all.

I hope you don’t get distracted from the treasure you are truly looking for with the lust of what looks like gold from a distance.

I hope you find your treasure.

I hope in all of your expanding yourself that your core is not lost. I hope the curious youth that started your journey does not get lost and turn into an old dog of habitual external wanderlust, fruitless and unto nothing of growing you internally.

If you feel yourself growing tired of looking outward and beyond for the next new you, I hope it is because you realize the next new you is just you ready to experience a you that has legacy versions of you that can spread the light you had through them.

I hope that brings you the “more” to fulfill the rest of your life with more moments, more memories, more people who love you.

I hope your “more” changes your understanding but doesn’t change your want to understand… yourself.

I hope you always find that something more to love the life that has loved you this whole time.


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