Like Her.

She is the type of girl that’s easily fallen for at first sight of the smile that never leaves her face.
I’ve been here before.

I fall for the soft and personable, sweet-laughed, fun-living girl. I fall for the type that is most guys’ type. Some say it’s because I have great taste but do I really have great taste with results like this?

Should we consider that having great taste does not leave an aftertaste of frustration from trying to find the one that wants you back among the rarity of such precious gems?

Forget the idea that Scorpios are willing to indulge the dark side of life, when someone is so benevolent and contagiously optimistic, that alone begs the question – is there a dark side to her?

So far, she’s an angel just waiting to fall only to select any of her many easily served and willing options to reciprocate.

I wish she was something more definite as to why I would be presented with her existence and not have her be consistently present just as my appreciation of her is. Instead, she is a specific combination of amazing only to be fleeting in a way that leaves me pining in waves.

I like her.

She is a being with a soul type that is rare in my world.

She makes me want to do things that break down internal barriers that have been up for way too long. She makes me want to change my life for myself. She makes me think of all the quotes about temporary life-changing presences and love that she’s here and then fear she may leave with every success she inspires out of me.

I almost dislike how I grew up learning I love a personality only to find it’s so rare.

I dislike how true it is that life isn’t a thing of universal fairness.

I dislike the many things I have read that make me think I could be perfect for her as the counter-balance in her life while currently I feel as if I’m one of the least influential people in her life.

With all that said, I like her… but angels don’t fall in love unless they are willing to fall.

I am already down here. I don’t want her to feel as if I’m pulling her down. Maybe she’d understand though that with the strength of her wings, and how she’s getting me flapping, she’d end up in the air again in no time… with me flying too.

But it’d have to be mutual and the only thing that currently exists as the lone fact is that…

I like her.

If not her, then I would like for it to be someone like her.


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  1. I agree. Reciprocation is an interesting challenge because it’s something we aspire to that is beyond our control. Thanks for reading and thank you for your thoughts =)

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