We are human.

We are but one species of many species that have existed in this universe at any given time.


It is constantly going onward fluidly with no interruptions or pauses.

We are human.

Any physical existence or presence of ourselves in our current form in this universe only exists for a period of time.


Depending on the day and the things that have transpired or the things that we very soon anticipate, time can be too quick or it can seem to drag on “forever”. It’s funny we put that hyperbole on things we usually see the end of. If anything did last forever, we wouldn’t really be sure it did because…

We are human.

We don’t know our true transference of existence post-Earthly living. We have our ideas, beliefs, and hopes, but we don’t know for sure. What we know for sure is what we can experience in our life…


Forever is infinite. Our time is not. For as long as I live, I prefer to use a word that doesn’t arrogantly assume that an abstract idea will still be important to everything beyond me and beyond my time. So instead I use the word “always”.

As long as I live, I will *always* remember what something made me feel. I will *always* remember how I externalized my reaction. I will *always* learn something from my experiences.

I believe in my use of the word “always” more than my use of “forever” because I can commit to “always” and I do.

Sure, things change and people change but what I state with “always” cannot change.

Situations transform and energy is focused elsewhere but parts of my past will be remembered as they were *always*.

*Always* means it will be with me, it is a part of me… *always*.

“Forever” to me seems like a word that puffs up its chest in arrogance, like stating something as a sort of bet “on my mother’s life”. It’s intimidating in its claim but only because we know we won’t actually see that come to fruition in that moment… but it buys a moment of possibly changing minds. I guess anyone can do the same thing with “always” but I personally do not.

Another thing: “forever” (in my opinion) is better to describe physical states of things and “always” is better to describe feelings.

That’s just how I”ve *always* felt =P

I am only a human with a knowingly limited amount of time, but for all that time, I can commit to *always* knowing what my past was and how it has shaped me.

As long as I live, I will *always* appreciate what was/I was.

I will *always* be grateful.




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