When They Do What I Do.

Being the puzzle-oriented mind that I am, deductive reasoning and pattern recognition is something that comes very naturally to me.

It is one of the biggest reasons why I tend to overthink. It’s a “challenge accepted” mindset and there is always a challenge in being human.

Each and every one of us have our own patterns of motions we go through for different situations and feelings. They become habits and we do them until something drastic changes. Until then, we keep doing them.

I am human and so I too have patterns.

Just because we’re human, though, doesn’t quite mean that our patterns are necessarily as unique as we are.

Recently, I didn’t really make a big deal out of one of the patterns of motions I have until I realized somebody else was doing the same thing that I do.

I wasn’t passing judgment on them. I just noticed it as it stuck out so apparently different from other similar situations they have like that.

When I experienced them doing it, I realized that is what I do…

…and it made me think: Maybe I should kick the habit?

For me it’s a habit of hope but mostly fruitless in the present. I think it’s working out differently in the end for them – the way I would like my pattern/habit to work out =P

I mean, at face value I don’t expect anything to come of it anyways but then there’s that sly bastard subconscious mind.

And for this other person that does the same thing, I’m wondering if it’s the same reason they do it.

The kicker: I don’t want to ask why they do it because it would reveal something I don’t want to know. Or maybe I do want to know but I’m not ready to react… then again, when will I be ready for such an answer and my own reaction?

The kicker of the kicker: The reason I might not want to know is because I do my pattern/habit to them and they do their similar pattern/habit to someone else.

The last kicker: Somebody else does a similar pattern/habit to me.

And if we’re all doing this for the same reason, there’s a really big lesson to be learned in all 3 instances.

The overall question when I stand outside of the pattern/habit and understand it existence for all 3  instances is: Are we hypocrites?

I could admit that there’s a bit of hypocrisy that might exist in my case as the result of my pattern is not the ideal one, but at the same time it is a similar result I’m giving to this 3rd person who is similarly going through the pattern/habit towards me.

As different as people are in looks and personality externally, internally we seem to have very similar wants and needs to get into patterns and habits to find something new and rewarding out of understanding the monotony of persistence and diligence… and then finding the thing that breaks it by rewarding us.

On one side of me, understanding a twin flame sort of idea about this makes me appreciate who these people are. On the other side, parallel movement doesn’t always feel as complete as complementary. You can’t intertwine mirrored movements.

Though it makes me stand outside of my pattern and try to understand it with a slight concern, it humbles me and makes me appreciate how I am not the only one with this kind of energy trying to find another certain energy. It may be frustrating knowing that there is a cycle of unresolved patterns, and I’m one of the many in the interconnected links, but understanding that the search for ourselves is really creating this wonderful interconnectivity is a hopeful thing because of the collateral benefits of realizing the similarities that can really make us feel the connections.

So when they do what I do, knowing that we are transferring similar energy through similar interconnections, I have been learning to think “Of course.” more out of understanding… eh, but still slightly out of frustration. The understanding is the important part.

It’s worth a little laugh of “Of course.” when I see and understand my wanting in the wants of others when they do what I do.



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