Reaction To Vagueness.

Can you really react to vagueness?

There are qute a few storylines going on currently that I am wanting to understand what’s really going on.

It seems there is truth regarding difficulties about these certain situations that seem superficial to discuss over text or even by phone. Things that seem to be much easier said in person… or that’s what the other people are leading me to believe.

I have typed about how I would take person-to-person-in-person communication over digital media any day that it’s possible. Let me clarify though: I think I would rather take the sense of immediacy of a dilemma over any digital mediumm sooner rather than later, than to wait for that time we can sync schedules to have that in-person conversation.

I don’t like waiting for important things to come out at a point it that it may be too late to mend.

That isn’t to say that I would indulge in rushing a solution as soon as the dilemma is revealed. It just means that if it’s a thing and you know for sure it’s a thing that’s causing discomfort, I’d rather it be known than fester.

I’m sitting here receiving in one storyline uncertainty via a third-party. In another storyline, I’m feeling like I’m receiving incomplete information as an enticement to WANT to know more for meeting up and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that in that particular case.

I guess I’m still learning to “go with the flow”.

When I have consistency in doing something and it’s something I love to do, I don’t get caught up in what’s usually superficial details of social interactions. In that mode, my actions always will speak louder and loud enough to saturate out the problems of minor inconveniences.

When people bring hesitance and interruption to what we have going, I want to know why it’s slowing and how it could be better paced going forward.

What’s the obstacle?

I’ll admit it’s trying my patience. I have been having to be patient with a lot of things and it has been great exercise for the mind… but still, problems that just pause situations with no certainty and no explanations are not necessary.

Sometimes I feel like I am one of the realest people I know. Not just “real” as in vulgar and explicit regarding colorful expression but “real” as in willing and thriving in having discussions about the “real” dilemmas. Almost like therapizing a situation… and if that means therapizing a person, I’m willing to do that too. No, that does not mean “judge”. That’s not how I roll.

So really, I guess I am not reacting to the vagueness but rather I’m reacting to the person placing importance on certain things over the actual dilemma about a situation we’re both involved in.

I can chalk that way of being selective up to human nature and priorities among different lives.

Perhaps my reaction to vagueness should be no reaction since in reality I just don’t know anyways.
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