Control… By Relinquishing Control.

This is an interesting idea: To control the situation by relinquishing control.

I have been learning this and it can be difficult to get used to when you haven’t exercised the idea before. I have always been used to being told to take action to fix something if something goes wrong. Perhaps the guilt by negligence in some cases created a feeling to compensate with over-(re)action. I would find myself working my ass off to correct the problem… but in retrospect with what I’m learning now, some situations are better worked out by letting go of the idea that if you put more action into it that it can get better.

This is definitely one of the more beautiful lessons to learn.

The beauty to me is in letting go of something and understanding the feeling of the situation is its own entity separate from yourself. To say that you want to own it or control it is egotistical especially if the situation is not exclusively your own. If you let it go, the energy itself is no longer positive or negative for you. It’s neutral… at least as far as your responsibility when it comes to  over-compensating or on the opposite side of the spectrum, actively ignoring/neglecting it.

Confused about the difference between “relinquishing control” and “ignoring it”?

For me (and maybe this is something I have to continue learning myself), actively ignoring is absolutely the cold shoulder. Letting it die. Denying its existence.

Relinquishing control is more about asking the question of worthiness of the situation not out of desperation. At the same time, you’re still being authentic of yourself to and still acknowledging the existence of the situation, and not being so blindly guided by the judgment of success that you’re really pushing hard to save a building from falling off a cliff from the wrong side.

There is some truth in the idea of “If you love something, let it go…” because though people may think that the pressure of something going wrong may quicken the ideation of a solution to push, it may be hastily thought up as a quick-but-not-long-term-fix which usually could mean using up more resources to maintain in the long run.

Letting the pressure go, sleeping on it, giving it time – these are similar ideas.

Let the problem and yourself separate, exist individually, and fully understand what is necessary rather than quickly trying to execute a plan that could work for now.

There is no real control. Just ideas we thought would work.

Some do. Some don’t… but that’s beyond your control.

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