Someone like. Them.

Everybody has worked with the spectrum of personalities to some extent and realized what they can tolerate.

The spectrum range for me is actually quite wide. I do have a bias towards the lighter side of life where the mindset of understanding is, but I can tolerate someone who can go toe-to-toe in an argument… as long as the arguments are productive and aren’t excessive energy over small things with petty insulting.

My sister and mom both know what types of women I appreciate the most. My mom understands it’ll be someone not quite like her and she understands why I will try to avoid her argumentative characteristics – no offense to her. My sister and my mom both understand my sensitive nature when vulnerable and my strong-willed persistence when burning with intention.

The know my extroverted social presence when I am out there and my introverted tendencies when I’m re-centering.

I have often found women around my age that on a shallow level of conversation have great, sustainable chemistry. They’re often introduced through other friends in a happen-to-be-where-we-are situation… and usually taken.

With all the situations like that, I often think to myself “Yeah, I’m looking for someone like them.” (and apparently everybody else is since they’re always taken =P).

Because of that habit, that’s the first thought: “Someone like them.” “I’ll find someone later.” “It’s not happening yet.”

Words have power even in a simple thought like that. As I have typed before, I am a believer of the law of attraction.

What if I was not just appreciative of that personality in the possible-but-never-arriving-future, rather I was appreciative of that personality now because it’s here? I mean, I’m not going to intend to be a “home wrecker”, “Mr. Steal Yo Girl”, but at least not part with what a blessing it is to have found someone like them before they have left the room.

Gratitude in finding the personality I’m looking for. Again, it may not be available to me through them… but just knowing it’s possible can change the burn inside.

Instead of being totally “If you let it go and it comes back…”, I will make it known in some way that they are appreciated in my eyes for being who they are. Actively appreciating.

My sister has heard me talk about “I’d love for it to be them or at least someone like them, but…”

She loves to add the “Maybe. Who knows what’ll happen!” thought.

That’s always fun to entertain that thought =)

Maybe there will come a day when I will stop writing blogs of daydreams along these lines.

Maybe there will come a day when I won’t need to qualify “them” with “Someone like”.

Maybe today is the day where I absolutely accept that I have feelings for…

…not “Someone like”. “Them”.

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