Stranger Things Have Happened.

Ever since I was in middle school, I would see numbers of synchronicity everywhere. Back then, I would always look at the clock when it displayed my birthday being 10:26, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44. I didn’t know they had meanings back then. In fact, I just thought it was really cool that I would look at the clock 1 hour and 11 minutes apart and do the same every 12 hour period for 2:22, 3:33, 4:44.

Always looking at the clock when it displayed my birthday was kind of weird but it only got weirder when other people in my family would do the same thing and ask me “What time is it?”. So they too oddly enough check the time at 10:26.

I also often look at the clock when it displays my sister’s birthday, 2:11. To a lesser extent, I see 2 of my brothers’ birthday, 7:16. I rarely see my mom’s, dad’s, and oldest brother’s birthday.

I have always seen 11:11 the most. I didn’t learn until later on about the well-known significance of 11:11. I thought that was cool and forever have that association. My birthday being the second-most seen, I always thought it was a sign that something “special” about myself is getting ready to happen through whatever current passion I had.

I mean, this could just mean I look at the clock way too often but to be honest, it really is at these certain times that I’m checking the clock unasked.

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned my deep interest in astrology and being a Scorpio. One of my most popular blogs was from my Xanga days and it actually started off with my horoscope for that day.

From my first days of middle school through high school, I had a crush on a friend of mine who was a female Scorpio. I read so much into compatibility with another Scorpio in that time because I wanted to justify my attempts beyond just knowing that I loved her personality and that I thought she was cute.

Her birthday? November 11th. Yes – 11/11.

As an unrefined, still kind of naive teenager with hormones flowing added on to this interest in astrology and symbolism, I was kind of overloaded with thoughts and feelings. I was so overwhelmed that… I didn’t really do anything about it in that whole time. I just had feelings as a normal teenager does and as an unsure teenager, I never asked her out. We’ve always been friends since then though.

I got older and learned more about astrological compatibility and though it could be good with both being from the same sign, it was a bit more complicated. There were better matches as many astrologers would express.

People come in and out of our lives. There has always been the idea that they came into our lives for a significant reason. Even if they were there for just an hour’s worth of your time, whatever experience you had with them, there’s an attempt to understand their significance. Some people we meet and as quick as they came in, they went back out with no major feelings left over. They will have been forgotten by the end of the next hour.

There are enough people in this world to have that happen. There are enough people in one city or town to have that happen.

What we don’t anticipate is when a person crosses our path for a moment, leaves a feeling, and later on randomly appears again.

This time, they bring purpose. How strange is that?

In the past few years, I have connected with people who have led to connections with other people that are connected to people I have known for many years. I have new rings of friends that have enhanced relationships with friends I have already had. I also have connections that have made already existing relationships on the more “interesting”/not-so-much-easier side.

Yesterday, I posted a blog about a strange coincidence brought up when communicating with a friend. Weird 3rd degree connection story. One of those stories that makes me want to pull enthusiasm back. I guess it was good timing because I have had moments of over-enthusiasm which can get me too invested in something that might not be too great to just jump in.


Things start to come back around among rings of people. It can be fun to know that you’re in a ring of people, but that could also mean you’re going to be a little more known about. There is a possibility of being a bit skewed via the “telephone game” effect but as long as you’re honest and genuine, things should be manageable.

It’s just interesting that because of certain decisions I made years ago, I had segments of these rings partially plotted out and then somebody comes along and connects it all together.


I love going back to this: Somebody once asked me if I believe in fate and I was stunned by who asked it. Again, it was in my teenage years and I was still oblivious to certain things. I answered it kind of weird back then. If they asked me again, I’d have a better answer.

In asking that question, they gave me a hope that I carry with me… always. It may not have to do with them currently but it was a small moment that I have used to create excitement in future connections from then on.

Who have I NOT met yet that may be the key to a storyline in my life?

Who HAVE I met that has yet to be revealed as a key to a storyline in my life?

These are the things that make life fun and interesting. The unforeseen circumstances. The people who are like delayed-release medication, yet to unleash their influence on your life system.

All the people you think are going to be temporary and yet they come back with perfect timing and bring you some… thing that you may need later. It’s like a Legend of Zelda game… and I love those games!

It goes the other way too where there are people you think are going to be big influences and be around a while and then… SURPRISE – they just disappear like a fart in the wind (Shawshank Redemption =).

It’s never the flashiest people on initial contact that bring the details that withstand fateful coinciding paths. Well, it may be them but it’s never when they’re at their flashiest that is the point of their being in your life. It’s when they meet you on a level of reality where there is some message they bring to you.

The instances I appreciate the most are the ones that are the most troubling on deciding what I really feel about the person. The ones where on some days, you wonder with exhausted exasperation “Why is this person still in my life?” and with the same person, you think on other days “THAT is why they are still in my life.”. Through these types of connections, you start to discover and refine who you really are.

Going a little further and back to my main idea is that this all happened because of a decision made some time ago in the past.

I love a good story. I have always imagined and romanticized what a cool love story would be like.

There is nothing more cool in my mind than a story that started off having nothing to do with the person I’d end up with but rather a small but necessary decision I made before I even knew them.

My grandparents’ story was about an introduction at a young age and my grandfather explicitly stating “I’ll wait for you.”

With me accepting these ideas of fate, coincidences, and interconnection… with hope, I’m telling the universe I’m receptive and I’m also resonating the thought to a yet to be revealed person “I’ll wait for you.” or more accurately “I’m patiently finding my way to you.”

To think I may have met them or to think I haven’t, there’s not much more stranger than that. The coincidences. The random meetings. The consistent occasional but right-timed moments. The uninteresting beginnings. The moments not anticipated. The lingering thoughts for no rational reason.

A decision years ago made all of this…

…but stranger things have happened.


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