The Other Side.

Who doesn’t love being around a bright and cheery personality? You know that personality that is smiling and laughing at everything? That personality that is so upbeat and infectiously good that even in their statements of aggression, they are still laughing and having fun… and you can’t help but be that way too!

Yes! They are awesome people! I know quite a few of them and I would love to have them around on one of my “bad days”.

But I pause and wonder – what’s on the other side?

There is no way they are like that 100% of the time. That’d surely be draining and exhausting.

I have always been intrigued by these type of people, not because of the bright and cheeriness they always have that everybody sees but the other side that apparently nobody but a select few sees.

I loved that these people could teach me something about being positive and having fun. I just have a feeling that there’s something more that is being hidden.

It’s not there intentionally and it’s not there for me to figure out or for me to be the one that unlocks it, but it feels like that is one of the few places people, if they are willing, can see me as a person.

It’s either the relating on a vulnerable level or maybe just the chance to prove a worthy comforting conversationalist.

Enter the cliché of catching someone in their sadness.

When everybody feels good, everything seems to be simple and easy with not much thinking necessary for communication. A lot more momentary action and just going from moment to moment.

When that other side is out, there is a lot more emotional space between expression and a lot more thinking of what is the next expression or action.

What is it that people think is their flaw with this side of them? Is it the understanding that they’ve been known all this time to be so upbeat that they feel they can’t be seen in a darker moment? Is it that they think they’ll be judged much harsher than usual or their concerns will be dismissed in some way?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been there so much that it’s easy for me to let my other side out and not be concerned about people seeing it. Because of that, maybe I am oblivious to something… but that seems like more of a reason to let me in and understand.

I understand you can’t force that door to open. You gotta earn that key.

This is definitely feeling like my blog The Right Conversations.

The other side. Behind the mask. Same thing.

I do feel like I’m being left out of some club. I read friends’ posts on social media about how appreciative they are of late night/early morning conversations where they open up about something. I typed about being trustworthy in “The Right Conversations.” and it’s something I feel lacking in along with that “conversation-shaped void”.

Although, my enigmatic presence surely doesn’t help. I have kind of followed the idea that I only appear when I’m called, though. I’ll offer myself in an “If you need…” statement, and I mean it. I guess it’s difficult for people to think they need anything nowadays and I commend the attempted strength. I can’t beat that if they do!

Some mysteries are not meant for some people to understand. The right mysteries and opportunities of people and their vulnerabilities will be presented to me in perfect timing. I will be someone who someone would like to be present in their time of need at some point and I will be honored to be found trustworthy to be revealed to the other side.

Their other side.

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