Strange Coincidence.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to type anything but interesting human dilemmas are… interesting.

I have found myself in a position occupying both sides of a dichotomy. On one side, there is a want to express a concern that might be damaging to somebody I know and a situation they’re in. On the other side, there is a silence that is screaming at me to stay quiet because it’s not my place and it will be misunderstood as an attempt to gain favor.

There are times I revel in “I told you so” moments. When this moment comes in this case, I will not enjoy knowing it happened.

I seem to have a knack for unintentionally finding out something or somebody just happens to tell me coincidental information that I might have been better off (read: happier) not knowing. I don’t know how I keep unintentionally finding things, or they find me. It’s kind of ridiculous and I really don’t like it. When it comes to people telling me coincidental information, this world just isn’t big enough anymore.

A name was brought up in conversation and some unflattering personality traits were brought with it. I can’t even remember why the other person brought up their name in this conversation. The person who was referenced is a 3rd degree connection to another friend I have. I wouldn’t have cared 2 months ago but developments since then involving that other friend have made this a bit more interesting.

Again, this world is just not big enough anymore.

This other person is someone I will probably never meet… but have your ever began being conscious about a person and for some reason, because you now have a thought about them, meeting them came into fruition? Yeah, that’s another thing that happens too often. Coincidences happen. I don’t have a comfortable feeling about this possibility in this case.

I hate to be the guy with a vague message but I couldn’t keep this one in.

So with trying to minimally disturb the current inertia of this situation, as if I’m not involved (which in reality I am not involved), I will have to leave this vague.

Let me tell you – in my mind, the odds of this kind of connection of information being brought to the same point (me) based on 3 different people from 3 different areas seems very unlikely. The odds that it would be the right information creating an ethical dilemma for me as a friend, even more unlikely. The odds that this situation is unfolding really close to a hypothetical thought I had about a month ago, ridiculously unlikely…

…but it looks like it just might.

I hate to think that I am the reason this is happening by resonating this thought…

…and really, that’s not even a rational thought.

It’s a sad coincidence that I thought about it and the situation is just happening because that’s just the way the people involved are.

It’s so ridiculously far-fetched in logistics and that’s why I wanted to state as much as I could about it without giving details.

With accepting the expectation that I am of minimal/no consequence, minimal/no influence, not a consistent presence in certain connections and friendships, it’s difficult to think I was presented with this information as a casual fluke… in the big, interconnectivity of people.

I’ll reserve myself and just hold the information as it is of no real consequence to me… I think.

I’m already sorry for and to the friend in the situation but it just wouldn’t be right nor good timing to just push this information out there. It could be misconstrued as desperation or part of some kind of agenda… and that is an unfortunate by-product of (bad) timing.

It’s funny how I have been working on not being so affected by “thought torture” by ruminating about the future less… and just as I’m feeling better about that, I get a sort of test.

Also, in my absence of explicitly expressing the concern, I hope this will be something that is not a problem between me and my friend involved over time.

If there is a moment anytime soon where my friend involved and I are in an absolute one-on-one conversation, that will be the big test. This conversation probably won’t happen soon but even with the unlikely odds… stranger things have happened.

I don’t know if coincidence is under karma’s control and if it loves me or hates me.

Again, personifying and rationalizing uncomfortability is just thinking out loud to relieve a pent-up pressure.

Then again…

This is hearsay. I mean, the perception from their tone was a negative judgment but I really don’t know for sure what’s real. Also, I think I’m just more surprised by the coincidental connection.

Unfortunately, I can’t un-hear it and it will be in the back of my mind in association.

Interesting timing for this to happen.

My secret-keeping skills are ready. It’s not my situation. I’ll always be ready to support my friend if anything happens.

I really hope it’s not as true as it was told.

What a strange thing to happen.


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