The Sacredness Of Intimacy And Sensuality.

“You gotta get out there and have some fun!”
“You just gotta get some!”
“Jeez. You need to get laid!”

These are suggestions I have heard often.

I don’t know why I am so different in committing to the idea that intimacy and sensuality is of a sacred nature. I really can’t just think about these things as weekend or nightly fun. It never seemed right to me that people can just act in these ways so casually just to “have a little fun”. I mean, maybe back when I was going through puberty but it didn’t last long.

I have friends that have went through the college night stands, club pick-ups, and of course Tinder. They just… did it. Of course, they probably had a sex life that began in high school.

I just can’t even begin to think of it as just a one night thing.

There are always stories of both natures of “Exactly what I needed!”and “It was disappointing.” and I’m not surprised at either. The people in droughts get what they wanted and the people who get it often enough can go through the moves and not get their world rocked as easy.

For me, it seems like it intimacy and sensuality should be something a bit deeper than just an orgasm out of boredom. It feels like there is an innate necessity of trust to let someone in and understanding when giving sensual pleasures.

I also feel like you have to tap into a purer than average state of generosity to want to see the other person’s satisfaction, genuine ecstasy.

Yeah, I would love to just get into a situation but it would feel lacking if it was just for fun, out of boredom, just to “get on the board”, as a distraction.

“You’re thinking too much about it.”

Fine. I can always admit to that one.

I didn’t think I had a chance back in high school. Having a birthmark on your face doesn’t quite help the amorous feelings flow for girls at that time when there were fresh-faced jocks. So for me, I had to think beyond the visual (and I still didn’t get anywhere).

Now that I’m older, I understand that real-ationships are not much about how someone looks… although, let’s be honest, looks makes it easier for attraction.

I’ll tell you what though…

When trust is given and the blindfold is on her and the caressing begins, it won’t matter what I look like.

I still maintain that I’d rather it not be a one night thing. To give that kind of moment away so easily seems like an insight to a hard-learned lesson in the future… and a waste of energy on someone who might not feel it like you do.

It needs to be something more. It needs to be something developed on a deep foundation.

It needs to be a true reciprocation of worship.

To act like her body is a temple you give your own body to for willing sacrificial pleasure and because she is the goddess to what she has let you in as her partner in godship, this is the sacredness of intimacy of sensuality.

“You’re thinking too much about it.”

Yeah, maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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