Thoughts While I’m Sick.

How the hell did I get sick?

I guess it doesn’t matter now. I have this kind of fuzzy, approximate, a little random mindset when I’m sick like this and THAT matters.

Like questions I’ve never thought about before: If I won the lottery and there was a sudden inflation rate change the next day, would I still get the same amount of money or would they adjust for it?

I had this whole crazy scenario in my mind that happened that caused a person to look down and happen to spot a penny to pick up in the next town over all because I dropped I penny in the town I was in. I dropped a penny in the middle of the street – somebody else heading for a nearby bus stop comes along and tries to pick it up – a car tries to avoid hitting the oblivious person causing a crash involving the approaching bus and that person didn’t get to get the penny – nobody was injured that badly but everybody had to find alternative transit options – one person from that other town was on the bus and needed a new ticket to get back home but didn’t have correct change so they went and bought something at a nearby store – they got the change and bought a new ticket and got on the next bus back to their town – they got off the bus and there was a trash can that they decided to throw the receipt from the store away – they accidentally pulled a penny from the change out and it fell on the ground – that guy who tried to pick up the penny in the first town was on the bus and got off at the same stop – he had to tie his shoelace so he looked down and he saw that penny… and he picked it up.

I like thinking about things being interconnected like that. The butterfly effect… and stuff like that.

Serendipity, coincidences, and fate.

When I’m sick, it’s a little like brain exercises out of boredom of creating scenarios that could rationally happen breaking highly improbable odds of creating a perfect initiation+perfect outcome scenario.

What if something I did over 5 years ago by deciding to do or not do something a certain way ended up being the reason something did not or did happen to me today?

Life is quite exciting that way in that every thing you do is creating a new storyline for your future.

What storyline seed did you plant when you…
– dropped that penny the other day?
– decided to park your car in the second parking spot you saw instead of the first?
– bought the bananas to the left instead of the right?
– decided to change the radio station during the commercials instead of stick with the one station?
– wore that one blue shirt instead of the white one?
– said “Yes” instead of “No”?

In the moment it’s not that important but what if later it was?

Life is so awesome (by execution of interconnection) even when it’s not (by reality of the situation).

I gotta remember this when I’m not sick… and so I typed it down =P


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