It’s difficult to avoid the things that need to be tended to.

Since mid-last week, some things have been weighing on my mind. A few more things have stacked up since then and some moments of other people’s frustrations landed on my plate… as in they bring it to me in communicating. It’s not fun.

Usually I’m able to be mindful and be focused on my physical health.

Yesterday, I had an incident while trying to drive to meet up with my friends at Guitar Center. It wasn’t anxiety for the situation. It was actually anxiety for my physical being. I felt my heart rate increase sharply and my muscles started contracting and stiffening abnormally. I pulled over off of Willow Pass Road at a point that is reminiscent of an “in the middle of nowhere” shot in a movie. Out there by myself, I was kind of terrified. I gave myself a few minutes after shedding tears from being overwhelmed. I turned around and went home.

Saddened that I couldn’t make it to my friends and music, I decided today that I would have to take a sort of “mindful” day.

First thing I am doing is fasting/detoxing. Drinking only water and juice all day. Whatever stress hormone or ingested vitamin/mineral/chemical that might have been too much and started increasing my heart rate should be expelled by now.

I also have been avoiding things that were stress-inducing. I don’t usually have a problem with things like that but today, just keeping my physical health in mind.

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment for the first time in about a year. I haven’t felt compelled to go since the past year has generally been the best feeling of health… plus, the system of health care I’m in kind of sucks to get an appointment. It only recently improved a bit and so now… appointment time!

It will probably take some stress off to know the actual state of my health.

My dad has been trying to get me to go get a massage. A massage place named Sunrise Health Center located a few towns over has been following me on Instagram. Because of that, they will probably earn a new customer. Good job, SHC.

Apparently, today is National Relaxation Day. How timely!

No matter how stressful life gets, there is always time for you to have to yourself to take a load off of your mind. Other people can and should appreciate that. If they don’t, they’re probably too uptight themselves! So take some time. There’s no rush especially at the expense of your mental and physical health.

Relax – I can’t stress this enough!


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