The scale of distance varies from day-to-day depending on how I feel.

When I’m feeling motivated, excited, and/or solid, I could travel by foot to wherever I wanted. Driving makes it easier and BART is not a big deal. Traffic while driving? More music listening time!

When I’m not feeling so great, I have to go through too many people just to get to where I want… and where I want to go fades into “Eh, I just can’t. I don’t need this.”.

Transit distance is measurable by measurements of length.

Can you measure abstract distances?

Would it make sense if I typed the distance…
– …from intention to success is x amount of moves?
– …from confusion to clarity is x amount of understandable points?
– …from sadness to happiness is x amount of appreciative moments?
– …from weak to strong is x amount of times of overcoming adversity?
– …from hate to love is x amount of similarities?

In the same way that transit distance feels much further or closer depending on the day, so can the distances to these states of being.

Every day we know we have to travel to our achievements, big or small, in one way or another.

It’s hard to imagine, though it does exist, when travel is a luxury for some. It makes me wonder if those people do a lot beyond the immediate vicinity of their residence. Do they feel a need or a want to go beyond that bubble of travel?

In my mind, the distances to things I want next are usually “so close yet so far”. I usually hover in a very challenge-based mindset. I want to use what I have, how I can, and achieve without needing to do extra.

(Small laugh to myself)

I am realizing life is really wanting me to do more than before. Maybe more realistically, I want to do more. Of course I do.

In this generation of technology with an app like Yelp, I find that far distances might not be necessary to experience something I’d very much appreciate. I’m not trying to think my way out of going far… because if I have the opportunity and resources, I would go far.

What I am connecting is the idea of distance to the idea of “quantity vs. quality”.

What if things we might appreciate the most are closer than the distance we are currently putting between us and them just because it’s already close… and we distance ourselves from it by looking away?

Okay, that went deep. Let’s come back up a bit…

The small non-franchise food spots seem to put a little more TLC and/or flavor into their cooking. Not the formulaic immediacy and efficiency of fast food.

If you have always lived in a small town, you know the hot spots and the familiarity brings up the feeling of community in the actual community you live in.

If you have always lived in a big city, you know the hot spots as trends and you remember them in shorter periods. Also, the numerous amounts of spots can be decision hell. It feels better to choose the closest spot you know with quality. Convenience.

The want to travel has always been in me. The want to achieve comes in challenges. Do I have to travel far for everything I want? Do I even know if “out there” has everything I want? Or am I looking too far? Who really knows. Either way, I’ll find things I’ll appreciate and it’d be a nice surprise if I didn’t have to look far.

I know I’ll have to travel further some days and other days it’ll just feel like I’m having to travel further.

It’s a bit of a step back on days when distances seem further and I feel less motivated.

The distance to the right things to get going should be only as far as you are from yourself.

If that’s difficult to traverse, thanks to the internet, those things are only at an arm’s length.

Things may seem so far, but in this age, really everything can be so close. Even those abstract things.


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