She Will Be Everything.

Timid with caution or wild living on the edge.

Beautiful smile and an “ugly” cry face.

Conservative demeanor or liberal expression.

Healthy eating or down to grub.

Willing wallflower or hands-up-and-twirling or my dance partner.

Freezes me with a cold shoulder or chars me with a fiery rage.

Can caress and soothe with a feather-like touch or can grab my arousal with a yearning grip.

Lulls me into peace with her soft singing voice or can make me feel her power with her soulful lioness growl.

Raises me up when I’m Achlys or keeps me grounded when I’m Icarus.

There if I may need her or not when she doesn’t need me.

She’ll be all that glitters AND gold.

She will love me and she will hurt me…

…and I will let her.

She will be everything when we fall in love…

…when without her I may fall into nothing.


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