Temporary. [fiction, random writing prompt]

A facade of trying to have fun, masking the pain of a fresh wound to a spirit. A broken heart on strings being puppeteered to dance to a song hated by the vessel in denial and out of control. Tears held back by a dam made of fake laughs and a forced smile. A black cloud soaked in alcohol, raining down overcompensation. Self-correction? Self-destruction. Blinded by the pain inflicted upon them, but numbed by the damage they inflict upon themselves. A dizzying release whilst in a downward spiral. Bliss is a whole night of over-stimulation in the hopes of forgetting the few seconds it took to destroy a long-term emotional investment. Falling from grace, their pedestal of security pulled out from under them…

… and then they were caught.

The lights stopped spinning and the halos receded. The world stopped tipping and the ground was level. This presence that appeared turned the fall into a hover and the downward spiral into suspension. They weren’t a savior. They were a flashlight of concern being shone into the eye of a dazed and confused crash victim. Still reactive, but senseless nonetheless. As an EMT of the moment, this stranger from a more sober place checked this emotionally damaged souls’ vitals: their self-respect and self-love was low. The EMT asked questions, “What hurts?”, “Anything in particular?”, “Does this feel better?”.

In reality, they only suffered some cuts and bruises to a few ideas they thought they knew to be true, but it will leave them sore for a while. The concerned stranger found a point to reaffirm the broken heart that they may be hurt for the moment but they will be okay… as they were before the ill-fated relationship began. The concerned stranger, having done their job, walks away and continues their life. The broken heart stands up, realizing their hurt-but-unbroken state.

The heart is already mending. They just needed a reminder it could.

This pain is temporary, just as the person who had the message they needed to hear.

Just for the right moment… that’s all it takes.


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