That One Song.

It’s a simple yet rather strong moment. Innately unexpected.

You’re in your car listening to the radio on one of those stations that plays a mixture of classic songs. You sing along to the ones you know and you’re feeling good about your in-car karaoke skills.

Then they decide to play… that one song.

You hear the intro and your mind pauses your grooving. Instead, you’re thrown into this flashback with a few images frozen in time. Your facial expression changes into a more sentimental tone. Your cheeks relax and the smile of your mouth recedes into a preoccupied closed position.

The verse comes in and you attempt to start in with it. You’re not even halfway through that first line and a lump in your throat suddenly appears. Your eyes, though it’s summer and they were too dry a few moments ago, are now well-hydrated to the point they overflow.

This song didn’t mean anything a few (insert unit of time here)s ago but now it means a whole section of your world. That piece of your world is not present right now. It may be temporarily elsewhere or unable to exist again outside of the permanence of your memories.

When I’m not listening to pop radio, I’m often listening to soft rock stations in the car. There’s quite a few moments similar to the one I typed above in the car for me. I have had a lot of these songs be a soundtrack to a moment or a sort of “theme song” for a person if they really love that particular song.

They may never know that you react how you do to that song that reminds you of them and that’s okay. That’s your time to try to find your peace with it or just release the pent-up feelings towards them and/or the moment.

Music is such an amazing medium of carrying emotions and memories. It’s not even the object it’s recorded on that will necessarily do the trick but rather the acoustic waves that flow through the air.

An abstract combination created in the mind represented by physical energy transduction.

I think that it’s also interesting that for each song that can remind of you many moments or people, there will be one that reigns supreme in making the moment.

By the way, you’re coming up on a stop. Also, that song is now over.

You may have just been crying a bit. It might have been a little painful. It was something beautiful though and you appreciated it.

Now this idiot in front of you won’t go.

Oh, to hear that one song again.


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