$___ And A Dream.

The hustle and bustle of the big city…


The possibilities!

For a creative type feeling in a rut, understimulated and uninspired by the quietness of the small town they have forever known, they aspire to try a fresh environment to get lost in. As has been the familiar pattern of creatives migrating to a big city to find their inspiration with the attraction of so many possibilities, a friend had an idea to do the same. In actuality, I’m not sure they were necessarily going for the inspiration for their creativity. Though in this particular case, I doubt they wouldn’t be inspired by it.

In 2007, I had my own experience of living in Hollywood for a few months. The people, the conversations, the intentions… I must admit, it showed me a very conducive environment to being creative. It sparked something in me. Of course, having the familial connections I have, it was easy to get to a place where it almost seemed like I skipped the whole “struggling” part.

I still have the burn but I also have more obligations. Adulting. Life.

My friend definitely has the burn and they are still young. Age is just a number, but they’re still relatively young.

They expressed an idea to try to travel to NYC to get away for a bit.

Wow. That’s huge (to me), especially the fact that they were going to go by themselves! At that age, I felt unready for traveling out by myself with $0.00 to my name (obviously).

It’s definitely something that requires planning, resources, and budgeting.

As soon as I caught wind of that plan being developed, I had started saving extra money in preparation of a possible digital donation page being setup. I was ready for when that link would be posted up.

If… it got posted up. It hasn’t.

That’s not a bad thing. Apparently, they found inspiration in something. I don’t doubt that there may be some other reason why they decided to put their NYC trip on hold. I won’t speculate further though.

Sometimes the feeling of inspiration just gets zapped from you from the monotony of daily regimen, or living life too “scheduled”.

In a surprising twist though, inspiration can be struck out of the blue from a place you never thought it could come from. Usually, a fresh way of thinking. It can come from a change in environment but that’s not necessary to think in a new way.

I am still ready to support my friends however they need it for their pursuits. If the one friend decides to go on that trip, I’ll be ready.

I had $___ and a dream in mind. Their dream.

It would’ve been fun to see the results!

***If you can support aspiring local artists, always choose to do so. They might have a message people would appreciate hearing.***


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