There will come a time when after all the time you thought you knew something, you will be shown you weren’t really close to knowing.

It can be surprising. It can be frustrating. It can be dejecting.

To have thought your thought processes towards a subject were well-informed and then in a few key moments, the bottom drops out and it feels like you have no weighted thoughts contained anymore. Were you absolutely wrong? Not necessarily. Might you have needed a little more? It definitely would have helped.

Some cases of this happening doesn’t take a whole lot away from the subject in your mind while in other cases it’s almost a 180 degree understanding.

The devil is in the details.

It happens. Certain details may not have been happened upon in learning. What a lot of people already understand and agree with may be enough for the majority. There always seems to be more and the majority can’t seem to understand it.

There is always that one person who can and is willing to understand… if they happen upon the details.

They may be the key in letting the world know that this subject is a bit more than most people think.

A deeper truth revealed can be surprising, frustrating, dejecting…
…but it will always be enlightening.

“Think you know.”
Think? No.
If you know, there is no “think”.

Always strive to know.

If you’re wondering if I typed this because of something I thought I knew…

…I’ll just type, I don’t know =)


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