[Originally typed in April 2016. Unpublished until now.]

To begin to know someone, you first must be introduced.

Hi, my name is Gabriel. You can call me Gabe. Nice to meet you!

It all begins with what is seen. The eyes see before words are even spoken. You look at their eyes to see interest. You look at their posture and hands to see confidence. You see how open or closed they are willing to be, based on their arms. You see how they’re dressed, their hygiene, their overall presentation.

Then they speak. You hear confidence in how normal or weak their projection is. You hear it in how solid or shaky their voice is. You hear it in which words they choose. You hear who they are more interested in talking about by either trying to relate to or minimize your input. You hear how they are humble or not so much in how they speak of themselves.

Do we sometimes rely too much on first impressions?

I mean, obviously we want to make a decent first impression but do we take it to unchanging heart and carry the negative potential of a person if the first impression was not quite flawless?

Well, it is just an introduction. We may not have gotten the best context of a person. They might not have been ready. We may not have even known this meeting was going to happen.

Our sensory cues and judgments from initial contact can be a little strong. Our guard can be a little high. Our mind could be a little preoccupied.

Still just an introduction.

Let’s be honest…

Hi, my name is Gabriel and this might not be the best introduction with the best version of me, but it might also not be the right time for us to know each other better for future possibilities. Still nice to meet you! I hope to see you again!


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