Being A Fan/Give It Time.

I love geeking out over things! Who doesn’t? Fan-boy/girling feels so great!

The rush of meeting a highly influential person in your life, like a celebrity from your favorite show…
The rush of going to the concert of one of the more energetic artists you like…
The rush of even a sneak peek of something you had hoped would happen with a franchise you are highly interested in.


The mind goes: A thing or person I am interested in! GET EXCITED!

I really like how people get so invested in fandoms. Girls are the queens of being fans. Screaming and crying at a concert. I used to find it annoying, but let’s be honest, seeing someone you admire in person is an awesome experience! I feel it, girls… I feel it.

Geeking out is the whole basis of the convention business. “You give us money and we’ll do our best to make you geek out… HARD!”

They are really good at doing that! I got to see  one of my celebrity crushes, Zoe Saldana, at WonderCon when it was in SF. I was in the 3rd row directly in front of the panel table.

*Insert “heart-eyes” emoji here.*

I don’t know what was more exciting – was it the excitement of her being right there or me knowing I couldn’t rightfully do anything more as far as wanting to have a conversation and ask her questions? The separation was so minimal yet still so far. The “unapproachable” idea.

Oh, the mind… it burns with joy and hopeless frustration. Gah!

I was still floating after that moment though. I stayed afloat for days… but I definitely can’t call it “love”. Just celebrity-associated excitement and a pretty face.

The reality of a person you admire is always a mind-opening experience may it be a personality trait you’ve never seen that they expose, or even something as simple as “Oh my gosh, they really look that good!”.

People are interesting anyways. I love finding out what makes a person a person when the facade or separation is taken away.

The fandom of a franchise is equally amazing. Similarly, the franchise gets presented as a real thing as well at these conventions via behind-the-scenes stories. It really does make the franchise seem like the final product is the end result of just being persistent humans, working through issues that necessarily didn’t take away from its final masterpiece version.

Yeah, it’s fun to geek out about things, but sometimes it builds unchecked and gets impatient.

The fun of having something to believe is so great later turns into this frustration that there isn’t a follow-up immediately or anything that can overtake that climax moment when it’s done. The fandom starts getting itchy computer or phone keyboard fingers and the social media posts, probably tweets with a mention, start rolling out. The fandom understands the subject is really good at what it does but sometimes forgets that there was work put in for it to become that thing the fandom appreciated. You can read the impatience… and it’s not fun anymore.

Although we live in an uncertain world where the finite end of our time is unknown, we know we can’t just rush a steady stream of greatness out of something we admire. We gotta accept that though the first wave seemingly came out of nowhere, it was something that was building when we weren’t looking.

I love surprises. I love being proven wrong out of my negative expectations. I love when I’m blind-sided by anything amazing. I will not go back to my days of being so worried about falling off my high that I spiral into a feeling of anxiety over needing a fix quickly to make sure it’s still real.

Besides, to play the game of life right, you have to enjoy what surprises are just around the corner when you least expect them or perhaps not expecting them at all.

Give it space.

Give it time.


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