I have used this word a lot recently.

Wanting. To want… something.

In the past two weeks, I have had a slowly re-growing feeling of wanting things. Why would I ever stop feeling like I want things? Long story.

The feeling of wanting something is so great when you are aware that you are wanting. It’s even more exhilarating when you understand the special value of your want, you know the very difficult challenges to get it, and yet you still want it more than anything else.

It makes people feel alive. It takes the mediocrity of nothingness and brings in an exciting possibility of the unknown and the rewards it may bring. It gives the unchallenged a challenge. It gives rise to creativity and planning. It gives a purpose that is wanted rather than a purpose that is a chore. It gives the over-scheduled, overworked drone of a person who is tired of being just another cog in the machine something to interrupt their regularly scheduled program of “just being”.

Another face in the crowd walking in the same direction, going in to the same place, thinking the same thoughts of what policies not to break…

…and then there’s the one who wants.

They want more. They want to know what’s over there… you know… the “other way”? The only thing consistent about the place they end up is that it always changes, adapting to the evolution of the challenging want. Out of their ambition comes that creativity, thinking outside the box to try to get to their goals.

They dream with intention. They intend with hope. The hope with all of their heart.

They… want.

Everybody wants something but only the best want better. Most just want to make it through what is already probably making them miserable enough to have that as their biggest want each day.

If any of you are like me, then wanting is contagious.

Do you not feel the power of someone wanting so passionately? Maybe that’s my empathizing side. Maybe it’s my reluctance to dissuade one from their ambitions.

Maybe I want to want something better for myself.

See, the best things to want are the things that will lead to collateral… benefit. If it brings a better version of another out, inspires them, makes them ambitious, that is one hell of a want. It’s a want that is really universal…
…and let me tell you about universal wants – only the purest of wanters can persist in this and pull it off.

The wanters. The dreamers. The hopefuls. The believers.

These are the people to admire. There may be injections of reality by others… but that will soon be countered. They find a way. They want it enough to find a way.

I may not be the purest of wanters just yet, but I will never dissuade the purest of wanters from their wants.

They inspire a want in me though: The want for them to succeed.

Readers, if you have a want that will lead you on a road to a better version of yourself, I want you to go get it.

That is what I want out of this.


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