Netflix And Feels.

It’s not last night anymore. It’s the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

My travels through the list of what’s currently trending, the top picks, or what I can continue to watch have gotten me to the destinations of some of the sadder House M.D. episodes, Seeking A Friend At The End of the World, and A Walk To Remember.

This is probably the best thing to use Netflix for: Feels.

I will self-induce teary-eyed, quiet sobs at night to release any stress that is hanging around from a rough day. It’s not about wallowing in sadness, it’s just about stress hormone evacuation. Or is it?

As I sit there watching fictitious situations written as close to perfect as the writers could, the reason why I feel the situation so deeply bubbles up from a deep memory. How I can relate to another person’s situation and their reaction is interesting to me. I think I’ve mentioned before in a previous post that I really appreciate actors and actresses who can control their facial gestures in emoting hopelessness, sadness, fear… especially the eyes and browline.

Those little things are things I subtly mirror and empathize with immediately. If you ask me when and how I picked that up, I honestly couldn’t tell you. I have been that way since I was very young.

I am glad that my parents were not the type to tell me to “man up” and become desensitized.

Sure, emotions may affect some where it is debilitating to a point of inaction, and in that case a little more control would possibly be beneficial.

In my case, I just feel I need to release a bit at night.

Emotional masturbation.

I think the best part about this whole thing is that it doesn’t make me any less of a (insert specific human differentiating category title here). A lot of people don’t feel that way, rather they feel that it does take something away for being emotionally open.

I am a guy. I am a cusp millenial (is that a thing?).

Either of those don’t mean anything compared to the fact that I’m a human when it comes to feeling emotions. We all need to release stress hormones or else it can build up and manifest into deeper negative feedback cycles.

So I will continue to start the Netflix app on my Wii U and have tissue nearby. I will feel better on my own accord this way. In the process, I will learn a few things about love and pain. I will imagine being in those situations and I will feel their reactions.

“It’s okay to feel deeply.” posted by many people I am following on various social media…
…and it is.

You should know this. You’re human too.


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