Everyone is an anomaly in some capacity.

Everyone has an anomaly in some capacity.

“Normal” is everything that doesn’t make you stand out in a crowd from someone’s perspective. Just another random person who is there among other people who are there.

“Normal” is never the place people end up taking action. “Normal” is that space in time and space when you are in transit to where you are going to do… something.

Most time of everybody’s lives is relatively “normal” being in transit.

Most people are not where they want to be and they are always intending to go somewhere else physically or in the abstract of progress and success.

When they find what they are looking for and they stop being in transit, they reveal their character in making the moment their own. Character in a specialized and specific situation reveals why they are an anomaly. Everyone is an anomaly in this capacity.

Everybody in a certain civilization or society does similar things to sustain and maintain themselves as humans. Humans want to succeed in things, overcome things, and be the masters of their fates and captains of their souls (I love that phrase). They go through similar situations and attempt similar goals. Most will succeed in all the small situations.

There are those that have difficulty and/or are somewhat perceived different from the majority that just can’t seem to break through where others have done so efficiently in many situations. They have voids that are slightly concerning in the society/civilization they live in.

These anomalies of people have these anomalies of voids.

Hmmm… so if these certain people were to finally overcome these voids after consistently faltering and keeping the void in existence, that would have to be considered their anomaly. Yet in breaking the usual result, for these people, society seems to deem them as “caught up” to “normalcy” for something most didn’t have a problem with. Is that an anomaly of the human psyche? Wouldn’t it be more consistent that when one becomes their own anomaly of achievement and overcomes an anomaly of a void, they should be perceived just as the anomaly out of transit and into destination?

It makes me wonder about my voids. I have the questions. I strive for the answers. I have the intentions. I strive for the opportunities. I have the knowledge. I strive to exercise the wisdom.

I still have voids I want to fill that most others have done so efficiently many times over that I have not yet achieved once… and yet some of those voids continue to have this place in time and space where I will approach so closely and stand over them, bucket in hand, ready to fill and I just turn away.

Fear. In my life, specific “learned” fears and anxieties have manifested as my anomaly. It’s quite the dilemma to have both the fear to fail and the fear to succeed. It’s interesting because that’s an anomaly that should keep me “normal” by neutrality, a random being of anonymity amongst the crowd, still transiting between two destinations.

In reality, it is an anomaly of being stuck and not going anywhere.

To be the anomaly that is finding my anomaly opportunity to take action to succeed in creating an anomaly of breaking through the standard of always transiting… is the anomaly I am trying to be.

Everyone is “normal” in this capacity…
…but the anomalies are where you learn something.


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