The Opportunity to Laugh.

Life. The ups and the downs.

It’s sometimes too much of a ride that it gets exhausting and all of a sudden you’re numb.

You’re defeated. Dejected possibly. Just… worn the fuck down.

I notice when this happens to me, I almost never laugh at anything. I mean, in my normal state of mind, I would not only laugh at jokes but make them running jokes. That’s the wearing down that I love to do. Just… wear that joke for that day and apply it everywhere and then I laugh my ass off with whoever I’m with.

Not only does it release certain neurotransmitters and bodily chemicals, hormones, etc. but it also challenges my creative mind. How to improve upon that foundational joke.

There it is again. Again I mention how I live for creating and being a part of moments for and with others.

Life is a collaborative effort. We as humans are social beings.

I thrive in those moments.

Sometimes, things get too heavy and I withdraw, being absolutely stubborn to remembering that fact about being social and where I actually come out of my shell. It brings me out of me. If only I had my friends from high school around as often as they used to be, life would be such a breeze for recovering from being “down”.

It’s okay. Family works. Specifically, my siblings. Oh my goodness… when we’re all together and also throw in our cousins, it is the best!

When you laugh, you are loving your present. I now realize this.

Sarcasm is a language I love (yeah, I’m real sure you know what I mean, reader). Clever puns, corny puns, really weird noises or pronunciation of words… I love it! Movie references – so fun!

So if I’m going to live in a way that is an improvement, I realize I am going to have to find or create more opportunities to laugh.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Let me begin… =)


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