Whatever You’re Doing, Just Keep Doing.

Dear Gabe,

You’ve been thinking about those conversations you’ve been having for the past few days. You’re still a bit emotional at the thoughts you’ve been having about it all, but that means you have been seriously taking everything into consideration. You are by far not ignorant and close-minded about trying to find your center. Between these points of conversation, you have been still able to maintain assisting your uncle taking him to his appointments and the small daily things around the house. Assisting a person who has had a stroke is a pretty decent-sized responsibility and though you may be sacrificing employment, social, and recreational opportunities, quite a few people appreciate your efforts especially he. You’re in a band and you may feel limited but rest assured, you’re in there for a reason. Your friend told you that directly. You went for a walk with another friend and expressed your confusion. She provided you suggestions and countered your irrationality. You took those suggestions. All you could do and you did it. You… did… ALL… you… could… do. You’re halfway to your 30th birthday. You may have not checked off everything you wanted to do by 30. What that means though is that you definitely have goals. You have attempted quite a number of things. There has been plenty of new things that you have checked off in this year alone. Congratulate yourself on that. Now, I’m sure the Universe understands your internal struggles of loneliness and sensitivity as they are energy-zappers, which takes a toll on your creativity. As with physics, if there is a vacuum or void of energy or matter, the Universe aims to fill it when needed. Though you have had these voids for a while and it seems like they barely get attended to, just know you have definitely earned the fill-up so it will get attended to. Trust it. Do not force it. Just keep treading water. Do not drown yourself in what hasn’t happened. Float on what HAS happened. I know you used to have this thing where you don’t understand or you straight-up dismiss those shared quotes of cliches and mindfulness but now you realize why they are helpful or at least how you should start changing your thinking. This note alone may humanize you to your friends or you may lose some but either way, you will still be here. You should be. You are appreciated by someone. Just keep…


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