Modulation… like music.

To the resolve of the VI [major] (not the “vi” [minor]). It takes the aggression and concern out of that moment of the song.

As with music, modulation of the flow of daily events can take the aggression and concern (a.k.a. stress) out of life a bit. In cases like these, it’s all about the relative major (positive) to what minor (negative) chord. There is a resolve to the negative as well but that’s the resolve that’s expected. The listener, and by listener I mean everyone else, will notice the change and will be a little at ease themselves when they “hear” your song modulate major.

These music analogy ideas are short and simple but so is the concept applied in a song…

…except if your Stevie Wonder at the end of a song or Beyonce on that one song where she kept going up and up chromatically.


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