Something Is Happening. Always.

While I’m doing things, other things are happening. Always.

They are happening to other people.

They will cause those people to make decisions.

Those decisions will lead to people doing things.

They will do things to other people.

These people and these things they are doing are happening. Always.

Probability is a beautiful topic of mathematics… and I love mathematics.

I may not be a statistician or even took a math class beyond Algebra 2, but the beauty of probability to me is that with all the things that are possible to happen, they are bound to happen at some point.

Doing the ACTUAL math for this stuff, I do not actually do.

The concept alone makes my imagination turn on and that’s a nice level of fun for casual daydreaming or regular night-dreaming.

What is the degree of separation between the happening of one person to the point where they cross my path and influence an important decision I have to make?

What is the probability they will be someone I know or do not know yet?

What is it that is happening right now?!

Don’t worry – I’m not having an anxiety attack.

At the speed of thought imagery, I have already imagined that there is an awesome person I have not met yet that will actually influence me to become an enhanced version of my current self. If something changes, I’ll still have most of my current self but the new part will be something I would not have as a part of me because it would be useless without this person I have yet to meet.

Or maybe I have met them but just haven’t been put into the right situation where this decision would be necessary.

I guess I won’t always be ready for what I don’t know is going to happen, but I can always be sure that something is going to happen. Always.

Something is going to happen and seeing as I don’t like stagnancy anymore, I’m kind of excited.

Something is going to happen and it all started from something that is happening now.

Something is happening. Always.


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