Mathematically Musical Life

I learned music as letters that represent numbers that represent a certain frequency that are infinitely cyclical in perfect ratios up and down scale, that when combined, create different sums with sub-ratios and when charted on a graph, will create a mathematically formulated sine wave that when heard acoustically provides energy that translates into a feeling in each person that hears it, that when one combination of frequencies switches to another it creates a tension as in storytelling that could further create or does create a feeling of resolve. Harmonics is another word for addition and subtraction contained in summation or a negation respectively of energies contained in more than one letter-represented-number-represented-frequency played simultaneously.
It wasn’t until later I learned that I was already thinking about music theory. It was all numbers, ratios and patterns to me… all of which I knew how to manipulate in a continuous acoustic phrase that translates into certain feelings. Those are called songs…
…And that’s how it usually is for me. I like to think of things and then find out I was thinking and/or doing something that had a name for its fundamental concepts and then elaborate on them to their possibilities as I feel would enhance something so that another person could appreciate something in a way they never thought of before.
For me, the world is full of different numbers that add or take away to create the lives we live in. The thing about life is that it’s sum will always equal “zero”. The nature of life is balance and it will never be out of balance. The beauty of the number “zero” is that to some, it represents “nothing” but for me it represents “equilibrium”. Life does not waste any of what is in it.
That’s why when life becomes a complete song finished to perfection (and by perfection, I mean perfect as in by nature with blemishes and flaws alongside advantages and efficiencies), that is when we know the song is over. Its legacy left in what it made the consciouses think as it was playing. When it’s done, the song is over, but the music is not. A new song begins to be played because like I said, life will always contain equilibrium. When there is a song there won’t be “no song” and when there is no song, a new song will begin.
Your life, your song will never be perfect by the definition of “flawless” but it will be the wobbly orbit that cause the ebbs and tides, and your world to still spin on a tilted axis that cultures a rich environment that is enhanced every moment of your life, every note of that song.

All of this because I started learning music at 261.626 Hz and felt the ratios from there.

Weird… but equilibrium.


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