How She Looks

So this girl… she looked good.

And that’s all the time we have thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Hold up… stop… rewind. Play.

So this girl… she looked good. What do I mean?

What do you think I mean?

She has these things about her that make her more physically, that is to say visually… attractive to me.

See the color of hair was brown… or dark brown… or maybe it was dyed black?

I’m not exactly sure but the length was long… ish… medium… above the shoulder? Maybe lower than the shoulder.

Something like that… but then her skin was similar to mine in color only a little darker… or lighter… possibly depending on the light. It was close though.

She was about my height, probably a little shorter though.

She wasn’t skeleton skinny and she wouldn’t be categorized as obese. Yeah, in between those two.

Sorry if I’m being too vague about how she looks but my attention was more focused on how she looked.

Let me explain…

I wasn’t looking at her as a female body exclusively. In fact, as you can tell by my description, I wasn’t really examining the curves and the colors with detail.

To me, she looked glowing… as in radiating… as in complimentary energy.

I don’t see auras and I don’t feel heat but she was radiating and it was making me syncopate my energy flow, not to hers but WITH hers.

See, she smiles because things are okay. They may not be great, but they definitely aren’t the worst.

So her cheek muscles contract naturally, not forced, and her brows raise in the middle as if she were showing concern as we talk.

She stands… relaxed shoulders yet erect back – no slouch. What beauty in the world can she find looking at the ground especially when the chances are, in this city and town based area, she’s looking at concrete or asphalt?

She makes the eye contact worth it. Not only seemingly attentive when I am talking to her but it’s also as if she wants me to see that she is trying to understand me. That means she’s smart, already deducing that yes, I am reciprocating the eye contact because I want to see of her exactly what she is signaling out to me.

What I would like to find, I am finding.

It’s not about the measurements of any body part or any part of her body…

It’s not about the enhanced color of her hair or skin…

It’s not about the weight…

…It’s about how she looks.

She looks happy and not forcing it about talking with me.

She looks inspired about life and not manufacturing just to make it exciting.

She looks confident about herself and not worried about what comes next.

She doesn’t look ignorantly utopia-like but at least for the moment at peace.

I shan’t take it personal as if I were exactly the reason why, but it’s fun to pretend sometimes.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it or read it somewhere… the cliche that, “She makes me want to be a better man.”

Well, in such cases as this for me, as we talk, I become a better man.

Even at the initiation of the conversation, I became just that much better because I am encountering a person who makes it worth it to keep hope alive, inspirations alive, faith in humanity alive… just because of how she looked as a representation of what I like to see, a person at peace meaning there’s open room for new experiences in her life.

Those experiences are what I love to converse about.

It isn’t so much a savior type complex I have as if I am wanting to save her for posterity…

…It’s more like wanting to create new experiences with her, understanding that she could be the one, in reality, that can save me. She can have that power. I can assume her to have that power.

I can trust that because… of how she looked.

So this girl… she looked good =)


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