There are times when I’m just sitting there, listening to songs, wondering how this situations of passion arise so easily on these songs and why people would want that in their lives.

I was always told that these things should be meaningful and not wasted energy or cause collateral damage. Mostly along the lines of monogamous relationships or celibacy until married. Those ideas have kind of faded into “not necessarily bad” since then… but this is kind of irrelevant to what I’m trying to type about.

So… two people are in the same scene. One or both is in some kind of mental distress or confusion… or anything like that. They converse about what’s going on in their lives and find that they like that they aren’t the only one and in fact would like to help the other person’s pain dissipate by distracting it temporarily with human-to-human physical interaction. Sensual stimulation. For the moment, there is nothing to stop them, there is nothing wrong to them.

I pause my train of thought and wonder about that “nothing wrong” part. Emotionally, I find it very commendable that two people can do that. The only problems there could be are the residual ones from carelessness, preparation…
…but other than that, I see minimal to none.

I continue…

…with my imagining of how it goes down. The two start the light touches, easing into this fast-evolving situation. Gradual increases in energy and tempo lead to a feverish explosion of positions, angles… a sort of sensation “war”.

When the two seemed to have reached a plateau of sensitivity to each other’s pleasure stimulation styles, some go further into inflicting light pain.


The way I believe it works is that when most people are alone and in a sad or confusing place in their mind, they can’t very well get themselves out without small challenges they overcome. When another person is introduced and they stimulate the other’s physical and emotional pleasure centers, they begin to feel like they can handle this more and more until they reach the threshold of the one thing they want to feel like they can overcome, pain. And with a challenger who is in the moment as well and pushing back enough to get you to go further, but not enough to disrupt the flow, it is no wonder people want these things at least in a medium where it can be imagined and the audience decides whether they can handle that in reality.

Am I prepared if that situation arises? I really don’t know.

Even though I have thought about it thoroughly often just to try and get an idea to prepare, I still don’t know if I would feel ready for that… but… I guess, as I stated above, the right person (in my case – girl) does have to be the opposing character that can challenge me the right way.

So I guess I can’t really know until I’m in the moment…
…and until then, my true actions and reactions are unthinkable.


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