Haterism: The Overused And The Arrogance.

One of the most bothersome things that has entered into the mainstream lexicon is the culture and definition of “haters” and their product of “hating”.

What is a “hater”? This seems to be the most common way of defining a hater – quoting jbalbs@kstate on Urban dictionary: “A person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealously and/or resentment.”

Refined statement: A jealous person who dislikes somebody for what they are doing instead of being happy for them.

Although, I have rarely heard of a “self-labeled hater” so by deduction, only a victim of “hating” seems to be able to label a “hater”.

Understanding the concept as defined above, I would have to refine the refined statement with certain qualifying concepts.

Refined refined statement: A person whom one would assume is jealous because they aren’t liking what they are doing and not yet explaining why they don’t. When they do, it doesn’t matter because the victim doesn’t like that outcome that a labeled “hater” still doesn’t like what they are doing.

A victim of “hating” is doing something they think takes a talent and then a “hater” comes along and has a somewhat negative opinion about it. What usually results is the victim then deflects it and verbally responds along the lines of, “You’re just jealous.” or maybe, “I must be doing something right.”

Wow. This is the arrogance and this is what I find the most absurd about this concept of “hating” and “haters”.

Let me try to make an example in something that I can appreciate. Music.

Let’s say there’s a person who has recorded a song and their vocals are weak, or not in key, or the writing just is rudimentary or elementary, and they’re using auto-tune. I don’t like it. I openly tell people my opinion when they ask for it of that song. They so happen to like it so they call me a “hater”. This is what I shall call 2nd degree “hater labeling”. It brings them down that I have found something I don’t like about something they do like. Opinions are now equivalent to “hating”.

Wait, better yet let’s get to 1st degree “hater labeling”. Again, when somebody does something they think is talented and then you give your opinion and they say, “You’re just jealous.” or they don’t even recognize that and just get to the “I must be doing something right.” What’s the logic? Using the pronoun “I”, if I were jealous, I would change the subject to something where I know I do have an advantage over you. It would be illogical to keep within the realm that somebody has just showed me up in. Though, I can still have an opinion knowing that I have seen something beyond the amount of talent I have just been shown. Jaded maybe but by definition, hater seems ignorant. Me being jaded could be considered ignorant of your hopes and dreams at your current ability but is it really so wrong of me to criticize if I have seen better? Isn’t that the point of criticism? Maybe you’re just too lazy to get better at figuring out what people will want to see within the realm of whatever “talent” you’re wanting to showcase. So then there is the “hater labeling” argument of “I must be doing something right.” and to that I say – the hell you are. Look, if you’re doing something right across the majority of the spectrum of righteousness within the realm of your “talent”, wouldn’t the results favor in an increasing fan-base instead of “hating”? Then again, “fans” can be just as ignorant of the artist intentions as the artist is of the fans intentions which might not have anything to do with skill. Just the amount of people around them, but I digress… kind of.

Knowledge is still power and in this case, the knowledge to differentiate jealousy and constructive criticism seems to be lacking. Also, the knowledge between fully studying the talents of which people wish to show and just trying something after a little learning is lacking.

There seems to be a separation of knowing very well how to actually do something and just assuming you can and should be able to get away with very little. These ignorant “talents” feel that they are entitled to be exceedingly praised for an unequaled amount of “talent”. If not, in their mind, they’re is nothing wrong with them, there is something wrong with the “haters”. Either that or they know inside that they aren’t that good but thye assume that if they are shown taking any criticism, they are less than honorable which is a horrible assumption and it is creating a really bad dynamic among growing talent seeing that it seems to actually stop talent from growing… which is stupid and the bar gets lowered.

Michael Jackson could sing really good at a young age, possibly because he was excessively taught at a near military-grade command but he could do a concert without any auto-tune (because it wasn’t invented yet), and he could record many tracks for an album within a limited time because he could really sing. Producers and mixers for the albums didn’t have to take longer for postproduction on vocals. Also, the credibility of his talents stayed high throughout his career. Look at how many fans he has and will have continuously even posthumously.

These new young artists are heavily relying on auto-tune and they suck live. They are flashes in a pan. I hate it.

That was my musical example.

Victims of criticism will call them “haters” because of their “hating”. They will assume you are jealous… but they won’t assume you have seen better or they might just be in denial of that. They feel that they are entitled to your praise because they are trying to do something and wanting to become something because of it except for become criticized. I guess if they can call you “hater”, you can call them “wannabes” because they aren’t anything yet except for in their own mind. If you have been labeled a “hater”, you should be insulted by their arrogance, humored by their ignorance… but overall, keep up your opinion about them and outshine them if you can or are willing to learn how by just that much more than they were able to. Maybe learn everything you can just to make sure you can outshine them to the max, exceeding any possible things they have seen within that subject or talent.

By calling someone a “hater”, the “hater” is not jealous of you… on the contrary – YOU are jealous of them because you weren’t able to find a valid criticism of them first *HATER!

*I actually do not use the words “hater” or “hating” in casual conversation or philosophical justifications. I am using it here in an ironic fashion. In actuality, I would use “critics” and “jealous”, if applicable, along with their derivations.

So have an opinion. Accept criticisms. Improve yourself by knowing that you know all you can know about a subject or (relating) talent. Be humble for you are not entitled. You want respect, earn it. Shortcut your talent and I will shortcut my appreciation of it.


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