Really?! Since 1994?!

Yes, since 1994, I have been on the internet.

Not a bragging statement, a realization statement.

I was only about 8. What was I doing on the internet at that time?

I was trying to figure out how to be able to fly extra planes on Electronic Arts’ USNF (1994). I didn’t understand the technical aspects of how it could be done and why not, but I was wondering, “Why don’t they just let me fly them?”.

Well actually, before I thought about that, I was creating and uploading original icons (.ICO files) of things I liked so other people could download them and customize their Windows 3.1 into a sort of… I think you would call them… “Themes”.

Then again, even before I thought about that, I was playing games and frequenting the AOL Kids channel. I was looking at science-y things that they would put up there especially things dealing with space and dinosaurs.

What do I do now?

The same thing I started doing, looking at science-y things and playing games. I don’t use AOL anymore so no more AOL Kids… but I look at and YouTube for funny cartoon stuff.

Just a realization that I have been on the internet since then and have been doing relatively the same things.

Especially the whole learning thing or, as I stated above, looking at “science-y” things.

I wonder how much of the knowledge that I have retained has been internet-assisted.



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