You want to see my dimple?

You want to see my dimple? You gotta make me smile.

If you’ve caught a glimpse of it, then you know it exists, therefore, you know how you can see my dimple.

See, if you ask me about my dimple or acknowledge it in a positive way, it will appear.

As of late, it’s been like a rare animal, it only comes out if enticed the right way.

It’s a bit vane, it likes to hear about itself.

It’s something that automatically categorizes me as “cute” which is actually something I didn’t realize until recently.

“Really? My dimple?”

Then I smile and it appears.

I guess it’s no different than how I like to see girls smile, and I mean a genuine smile.

None of this fake, trying to be cute, high-voice, “OMG” style of smile. You know the type.

I’m talking about the type where it’s quite remarkable. It’s not your average smile.

It’s the smile that sets the moment off visually.

On the level of body language, it’s the type of thing that speaks volumes though it is itself quiet.

You want to see my dimple? You gotta make me smile.

You want to make me smile? You gotta smile =)


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