…For I Rarely Succumb To Little “Expectation” Things That Equal “Relationships”

So her expectation… duh… oops. Expectation? She never thought, expected, visualized, entertained… no kissing. Not of we. If speculation turned into lip-locking… lose our very exclusive, happy, even relationship.

Oh no. Expectation. Could hearts accept newly created expectations?

Especially since expectations of a friendship are gradually graduated into new relationship expectations.

Why do we expect so much of a relationship?

Why are we expecting much more nowadays or much less than we should? 

Here’s what I expect, that it works as it always has. A friendship doesn’t have to change because of how society wants to title it differently when it’s an evolved state.

I don’t know. I had a better idea of where I was going but then I started getting tired. Sorry.

In a general sense, I was wondering why we look at categorized higher relationships as if friendship was something in its past when really it’s a graduated level of the same thing.


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