Find your limits but don’t make them too… limiting.

Yup, I found some of my major limits. Well actually, I discovered the ones that I made too limiting that kept me from being who I was before. I ended up having a panic disorder and subsequently depressed over that.

What did I do to break the cycle? Pretty much, I reverted to saying, “I deserve to be happy.”

This is a basic human right, though it doesn’t necessarily warrant greed.

Virtues and sins were created to assist in reminding humanity of limits that shouldn’t be excessive. Excessive doesn’t mean you can’t do them to where you’re bending the bar. Just don’t break the thing off.

I deserve to be happy.

Worrying leads to a vicious cycle. I can still be emotionally sensitive but I have to also be reasonable about the situation. Reasonable Mind + Emotional Mind = Wise Mind. Either mind on their own can be impulsive and ignorant of collateral damage.

So yes, I deserve to be happy.

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re reading this, YOU TOO deserve to BE HAPPY!

Situations can be sad, but does that mean that everybody who was part of it has to be sad forever? No. And I bet they don’t want to be sad either. Though, sad situations happen, they don’t last forever. Those are called memories and people are horrible at letting the attached emotion subside. It takes time but usually people realize it’s not forever in reality, just in the mind.

You can still control your life to be happy AFTER a moment of sadness.

If you’re not sad, then just keep my words in mind =)

So yeah, if you’re religious, leave your worry in God’s hands. If you’re not so religious but you like metaphors, leave your worries at the door they came in and go through the next one. If you’re a Jedi, use the force.

Don’t limit yourself to worrying about your limits (this blog could be seen as a self-reminder for me =)


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