Relative Thinking.

I find that the best way to understand how God awful absolutist thinking is is to think relatively.

The major middle east-based religions and conspiracy theorists alike think as absolutists. There is the absolute outcome they think between the light and the dark, good and evil.

There is a puppet and a puppetmaster in their various situations. They seem to forget the middlemen.

Ah yes, the middle-class is forgotten even when the middle-class of society makes assumptions of absolutists scenarios which involve a middle-class.

The lowest class is always a persecuted person (or at least they feel that way) who feels like they are overcoming the worst adversities (in their life) and then restoring the power of the righteous (in their minds).

Compared to a relative thinker who realizes the persecution is only as bad when compared to something obviously and outstandingly bigger, but quite a stretch from the viewers point of view if they understand the middlemen between point A (themselves) and point B (the bigger alleged “absolute” subject).

Wow, such a scary world when thought about this ultimate power being controlled by an elite few and NOBODY between a person who feels like they understand the suffering and the elite is stopping it, yet they form groups and find similar thinking (especially on the internet) with soon-to-be-called friends as they call others “sheeple” and “slaves” or “evil” but they don’t acknowledge the middlemen as a possibility. Protocols go unnoticed, facts get spun, and history is in their hands in a very negative light. Wars are started by Gods and officials announced untouchable as a singularity but are able to be reached as an improbable group in an alleged “ultimate sacrifice”.

Scary very scary situations with religion and conspiracy theorists…

…but as they worry about society and find joy in forgetting knowledge of how things work…

…I’ll just sit by the ocean and after while, I’ll be conscious of the fact that relative to reality and the world, nothing has really happened. Being scared has created the same old history among societies.

It’s the knowledge and love of just being that makes the best history to die with.

And knowing that relatively not much can take away *just being* long enough to know that you did *just be* for as long as you have. That’s the only absolute in life other than death is that you lived long enough to realize you’re alive.

Why given this chance to be do you take it for granted with thought pollution?

Relative to power, why do you want your majority back if it’s all an illusion?

Relative to the universe, why even worry?


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