Love Comes Back.

“Just don’t forget what you love. If you love it enough, you’ll come back to it.” – xMAGANDAxPINAYx

You know what? I’ve actually tried to forget what I love just to see if it was possible. I came to the realization that because I loved it, and I mean truly loved it, I could never forget not even if I tried.

See, love is that feeling when your senses and emotions are liking what’s happening. Of all the things in your life, love comes in moments.

You love a certain type of fruit because of the moment you first experienced the sweet taste and the juicy texture. You love a certain song because the moment you heard it, you related to it just like that. You love a certain person because of the moment if not moments they made you feel good in various ways… for the most part, emotionally but there are those other feelings. Think what you will =P

With all the things you love, you tend to come back to them just to experience those feelings all over again.

Why wouldn’t you and why not?

Never in my life have I ever tried to front against my own feelings trying to act like I don’t love something – it’s just too hard. I might have tried a couple times but I’ll be damned… it all came back to me eventually.

Life is trying to tell you something. Your emotions are trying to tell you something.

I know my feelings are trying to tell me something. With me, sensuality is in my nature. I feel way beyond what people think. Love is what I strive for, beauty is found where it is usually overlooked. Jealousy runs deep and I will blame myself for any missed opportunities… but I’ll be damned if I give up on something I truly love.

If I love it enough, it will come back… but really, it’s too hard to let it go in the first place.

Emotions, my gift and curse. Understanding, another gift and curse. Jealousy, the craziest curse of them all.


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