The Reason I Write.

If anybody in particular reads this and doesn’t find their name, I’m sorry =)

I don’t write to name your name.

I write to draw your life through my eyes. Not as a psychic reading but as a coincidence. It’s not strange to me that we have some things in common. Why I write is to find your common points with me. I don’t want you to love it or hate it necessarily. We have never known each other until you read me or my writings representative of me. I have never known you until I wrote what you were looking for.

We never knew each other until I said something and you looked.

You looked…

…and I caught even the slightest glimpse of your focus. I guess with such an eccentricity even as to make a statement, you are bound to be looked at or looked for. Blind people can’t see but they are blessed with the understanding there is someone like them, blind in another sense but do see the blind person equivalently.

Making a statement is eccentric? Yes.

People who have been blessed with the ability to speak don’t use it with anybody let alone themselves. People who talk to themselves are above people who don’t want to talk to anybody.

So with these eyes, I see where you are looking for something. With your eyes, you see I have said something that intersects with a point on your plane of interest.

Outside of these moments, we don’t know each other.

I could live without saying anything and meet someone else in their expression. I could be as silent as the space between the cosmos… but physically posed within my nature, where you meet me with a visual interest of where and how I stand. You draw the emission of my vibe and present viewers where we met in time and space within an unspoken statement.

I never knew you until you drew me. You never knew me until I wrote about you. Another never knew us until they sung our story…

…and we still don’t know each other outside of that.

The reason I write is to find you in me, and me in you.

The reason I write is to find who we are amongst ourselves.


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