Did You Feel That?

It felt like an earthquake.

Whoa. A bit of the world shaking doesn’t shake the world but it’s enough to shake my nerves.

Suddenly, everything becomes so significant. Short of being a catastrophe but enough of an event to cause my consciousness to be conscious again. For a minute there, I was sleeping. You couldn’t tell because my eyes were open but that’s the illusion everybody tries to achieve. Wow. So yeah, back to the earthquake. Now that I’m up, I look back to where my head was and realize I could have really gotten hurt badly. Reality could have fallen on my head right in my irrational center. Instead, I let reality gradually set in without traumatizing my emotions.

It’s times like these when you wonder if the place you call home is up to code specifications.

I looked at the doorway wondering if that’s where I should have been if the quake had hit a little harder. Hmmm… actually, I think I would have made it out of the window a bit easier.

Easier? Is there an easy way to escape catastrophe in the long run?

I mean, no matter what I did if the big one hit, I still would have probably lost a lot of what I had. Uh – whatever you want to call all of that stuff. Necessities? Not necessarily.

Well, at least I’m still here alive and uninjured.

Maybe some extra precautions in addition to the ones already in place will minimize the damage the future will possibly bring. Possibly? Positively is what I meant.

One of these days, it’s gonna happen and a lot if not my whole world will come crashing down. Until then, I’ll take the shakes as a makeshift but well-deserved massage.

Maybe it will hit a little higher or a little lower… this time was right on my heart. Or maybe that’s where it always hits.

Well wait, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t have lost that much. It was just shaking so maybe things would be very disheveled but not lost. Now a firestorm or flood of pain would cause a bit more damage to all that was me.

Perhaps eventually, but not today.


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