The Biggest Thing To Overcome

We as humans ask question to find answers, to learn. We fear what we don’t know and we have 2 options.

We either answer a question that has yet to be answered or we run and try to never see whatever it is again.

Overcoming is always answering that one big question you never really asked to find the answer.

You can call it prayer, you can call it meditation, you can call it bravery when the moment calls for an educated guess.

Failure is not the consequence because the consequence is always knowledge.

Failure is never getting the answer.

As humans, we should understand our progressive nature and then make the connection that unanswered questions are a regression into being lost on the situation.

The biggest things to overcome is the unanswered questions…
…to be more specific, the unanswered questions of the heart.

The questions that will make or break us in human to human connections.

Try and think of a question you really want to ask somebody to know if they’re worth being in your life and tell me it’s not coming from the heart.


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